Site Selection for 2023 Worldcon

DisCon III will conduct the elections to select the site of the 2023 Worldcon. To vote in this election, you must be an attending, supporting, or virtual member of DisCon III. When you vote, you will pay an additional amount called the Advance Supporting Membership rate, which gives you a supporting membership in the 2023 Worldcon. This money goes to the winning Worldcon bid regardless of who wins or how you voted. The current Worldcon Committee and all bidding committees who have filed before the ballot deadline must agree on the Advance Supporting Membership rate and cannot set it before that deadline. The Advance Supporting Membership rate will be announced no later than when the Site Selection Ballot is released to the public.

Participating Bidders

Per Section 4.6 of the WSFS Constitution, bidders for the 2023 Worldcon must supply the following documents to DisCon III:

  • An announcement of the bidders’ intent to bid.
  • Adequate evidence of an agreement with its proposed site’s facilities, such as a conditional contract or a letter of agreement.
  • The rules by which the Worldcon Committee will operate, which includes a specification of the terms of office of their chief executive officer or officers, and the conditions and procedures for the selection and replacement of such officers.

Three bidders filed the correct documentation before the deadline. The official bids for the 2023 Worldcon are Chengdu, China; Memphis, USA; and Winnipeg, Canada. Below are their bid filings.

Chengdu – Worldcon 2023 Bid Filing

Memphis – Worldcon 2023 Bid Filing

Winnipeg – Worldcon 2023 Bid Filing

If you have any questions regarding Site Selection for the 2023 Worldcon, please email

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