What is a Masquerade?

No matter what part of fandom you attend, you can find costumes.  In the early days, random people showed up in various outfits and encouraged others to do the same.  Due in large part to the efforts of Bjo and John Trimble, the convention Masquerades are now huge events that showcase the talent and invention of our many costumers in all genres.  We have a great tech crew to make the costumes look marvelous, whether in person or via video.  

The DisCon III Masquerade

Due to the current world pandemic, we have decided to have a Virtual Masquerade, planned well in advance. As we have now changed the dates for the convention to allow for an in-person convention, a traditional Masquerade will occur on Friday December 17 at 8pm.   The rules for these Masquerades will be different in many ways, we encourage you to send questions to whenever necessary.

Important Note: You are welcome to be an entrant in both Masquerades.

Virtual Masquerade Rules:

Instructional Video with Voiceover
Instructional Video with Subtitles

In-Person Masquerade Rules

Important Dates to Remember

Virtual Dates

  • The virtual masquerade has been canceled due to lack of interest.

In-Person Dates

  • Online registration for the in-person Masquerade is OPEN now. Register here.
  • Online registration for the in-person Masquerade CLOSES: 11:59 PM EDT on Wednesday,  December 15 , 2021
  • In-person registration OPENS: 3 PM EDT on Wednesday, December 15, 2021
  • In-person registration CLOSES: 8 PM EDT on Thursday, December 16, 2021

The in-person Masquerade is scheduled for 8pm Friday December 17, 2021.

All entrants MUST attend tech rehearsal in order to appear on stage.  We will be scheduling tech rehearsals pre-con as we receive the registrations.  

**All participants must be masked in both the Green Room and on stage during their presentation. Please contact for any questions.**

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